Vitakor review: Metabolism Maximizer

Weight loss is largely dependent on making sure your metabolism is functional and able to burn off excess calories. It’s not uncommon for weight loss results to stall during dieting since the body thinks it’s starving, forcing a halt on metabolism so precious calories are retained.

There’s no way for the body to know that it’s not going to starve, and that you’re looking to lose weight.

Vitakor is one solution to that problem, its natural formula has herbs, seeds, fruit, and many other extracts which are used to help boost metabolism so you keep burning calories.

The most important factors to look at when reviewing any weight loss supplement are:

  1. $$$ - Is it too expensive for what’s inside? Is it sold at a fair cost or should you look elsewhere? Are there any discounts offered?
  2. Sustainable? - Are there any stimulants or ingredients in it which can only be taken for a short period? Do I have to take it off and on, or can it be relied on for long-term weight loss results?
  3. Ingredients - Is what’s inside of it wholesome? Are there any fears of potential side effects? Do they make sure to add a proper amount of each ingredient?
  4. Results – Do other consumers say it actually works? What was their experience like? Did they have stalling effects, or was it consistent in supporting weight loss?

After looking at all the important details it was concluded that Vitakor was the best metabolism boosting supplement available today. We’ll go over the basics behind Vitakor in this review to help highlight why it was this year’s top pick.

What are the Ingredients?

African Mango: Tropical fruit that contains high amounts of beta-carotene or vitamin A, a pigment natural found in certain fruits. When supplemented it can help stabilize blood pressure and support a healthy mood. In terms of weight loss a study that was featured in a journal entitled “Lipids in Health and Disease” showcased how this could help obese people lose weight more so than a placebo.

Pumpkin Seed: Zinc rich seed that has a high amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats are renowned for their ability to help improve brain health, as well as support fat loss. Contrary to what fats name may imply, a certain amount of fats is very helpful and can help prevent obesity.

Cayenne Pepper: Capsicum is the extract within this spicy pepper which can help increase metabolism naturally. Cayenne can also help suppress appetite and support fullness so you’re less hungry. When added in supplements it does not have the same kind of spicy effect on the body, so you won’t feel uncomfortable when using it.

Raspberry Ketones: The main ingredient in Vitakor. This relatively new extract is naturally found in fruits and vegetables, partially in raspberries. In 2012 its popularity as a weight loss ingredient increased after being mentioned by Dr. Oz. Studies on raspberry ketones show that it can help reduce appetite, promote fat loss, and all by increasing metabolism.

What’s the Dosage Strength?

Proprietary Blend 1,600 mg

A total of 18 potent ingredients are used with total milligram strength of 1,600 per 2 capsule servings. It is recommended to take just 2 capsules a day, so a full daily serving offers a lot of potent ingredients.

The reason why they use a proprietary blend is to make sure that the formula isn’t being copied, and that they can produce a reliable and consistent blend. Basically the creators likely did some research to know for certain what the proper amount of each ingredient should be, in order to help provide the best possible results. Once you start mixing ingredients it’s very important to make sure that each one is added in the proper amount so results are stable.

The entire formula is also made in a GMP certified facility which is the best way to ensure that the amount claimed on the label is being tested for purity. This means you get 3 rd party assurance that the dosage strength is consistently tested, each serving of Vitakor is sure to have the total 1,600 mg.

What do Consumers have to say about it?

One man and 2 women who provided testimonials on the official website lost an impressive amount of weight. The most progress was from a woman who lost 36 pounds and all she did was add in some exercise to help further her results.

Another customer said that they were not particularly supportive of trying pills, but they still enjoyed taking Vitakor since it was easy to take.

Now that we know the criteria for what makes a metabolism booster worth using, let’s examine specific details on Vitakor:

  1. $$$ - Many ingredients are added and for the price sold, this is a great deal. Some of these ingredients are pricy and when combined together they help further maximize the results, other brands will often use much less and cost either more or about equal to the price Vitakor is sold for.
  2. Sustainable? – No customers who left their opinions online had any issue with side effects, and none of the ingredients require any cycling. Judging from the overall quality, it’s very likely that there are no side effects to worry about.
  3. Ingredients - The entire formula is all-natural and each is backed by clinical studies. When combined this helps to support metabolism naturally without the need for stimulants.
  4. Results - Customers lost weight consistently and judging from the reviews, many said they did so safely. There were a few who lost a lot of weight consistently and they were able to keep it off.

The quality of Vitakor was impressively high considering how low the cost is. There are many positives and that’s it was the top ranked metabolism booster of the year. The reviews, low cost, use of studied ingredients, and reliable effects were all impressive.

To purchase Vitakor direct from their official website, click on this link.